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My Planner Obession (and a giveaway)

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I’ve had a planner problem for years. I’m one of those weird analog throwbacks who can’t remember anything unless it’s written down on actual paper. Somehow, putting the appointment in my phone is instant license to forget it, and to forget that I need to check. Alarms? Never work as...
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Five Best Productivity Tools


I know I’ve been busy when an entire week has passed without writing a blog post, and it hasn’t even crossed my mind. It’s not as if I’m busy right now (where’s that sarcasm font when you need it?): between family life with all of its end-of-the-school-year hecticness and work...
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23 Ways To Break Writer’s Block

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Every writer has been there: the words are flowing, the story is gelling, and then all of a sudden—nothing. Like the faucet has been turned off, or the river has been dammed upstream. You tell yourself not to panic, but as hours pass, especially if you’re under deadline, panic begins...
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