New series alert and cover reveal!

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It’s been some time in coming, but I’m thrilled to announce the release of my new Haven Ridge clean contemporary romance series… beginning with The Broken Hearts Bakery in April 2023!

Set in a small southern Colorado mountain town, the Haven Ridge series is heartfelt and romantic with just a touch of magical realism. Here’s what the first book is all about:


Fourteen years ago, the town of Haven Ridge failed its most important mandate—to be a sanctuary for heartbroken citizens in need. Now it’s getting a second chance to set things right …

When Gemma left her hometown of Haven Ridge, Colorado, years ago in a cloud of controversy, she swore she would never return. And she’s kept that promise, instead building her reputation as one of LA’s preeminent family law attorneys. But when her lifelong best friend begs her to come stay with her teen stepdaughter, Taylor, while she’s on a business trip, Gemma doesn’t have the heart to refuse. She’ll simply keep a low profile, do her honorary aunt duties, and be gone before anyone knows the difference.

But Haven Ridge seems to have a mind of its own, dragging Gemma unwillingly back into the community she’s tried so hard to leave behind, and she soon finds herself caught up with new friends and old rivalries. When Taylor is the object of an ugly bit of teen bullying that brings back far too many unwelcome memories, Gemma does the only thing she knows how to do: ply her honorary niece with baked goods and words of affirmation. Soon, her temporary digs are ground zero for teenage girls seeking sugar and consolation for shockingly adult problems—which the girls soon dub The Broken Hearts Bakery.

Complicating matters is an unexpected reunion with Gemma’s high school sweetheart, Stephen, who is determined to change her mind about him, the town, and the nature of love itself. Because as it turns out, her niece isn’t the only one nursing a broken heart…


I can’t wait to share the romance and magic of Haven Ridge with all of you!

Please visit the book page for links to the preorder on retailers. Paperbacks are already available for preorder through my website (you get an autographed copy!), and additional paperback preorder options will be added in February 2023. And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to get preorder alerts, release day news, and (shhh!) an opportunity to get a Haven Springs prequel novella for free (coming Feb 2023)!

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Discovered by Love is now available in print!

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You asked for it… so I’m pleased to announce that the Discovered by Love novella series is now available in print, with all four books combined into a single beautiful omnibus edition! Each story is about 100 pages, the perfect length for an afternoon read in front of the fire (or, if you’re in a warmer climate than me, out on the back patio with a cool drink)!


When a groom is left at the altar on a private island, he convinces the resort’s chef to act as his tour guide to the sun-drenched paradise of Belize. But it isn’t long before their purely platonic arrangement begins to stray into personal waters.


A fantasy novelist is reunited at London fan convention with her estranged actor boyfriend when he’s subbed in as the romantic hero for her TV adaptation. As he scrambles to get her approval for the role of his lifetime, she’s forced to consider there might be more to her ex than just his Hollywood persona.


Two rival architects get snowed in at the site of the dream renovation in Vail, Colorado and must work through their differences to make it to make it through the weekend. Because as the temperature drops and their competition heats up, the only way out is together … with or without their hearts intact.


When a tech entrepreneur and a real estate agent end up double-booked in their Islamorada, Florida, vacation rental, they decide to turn the inconvenience into a solution to their plus-one problems. But neither anticipates the possibility that a fake relationship might just give way to real feelings …

To get your own copy, visit the book page for retail buying links and the opportunity to order an autographed copy for your home library!


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What I Wish I’d Known About Traditional Publishing


Hey, friends! I have a special feature for you today– if you’re an aspiring writer or you’ve always wondered what the publishing world is like, this is for you! I was asked to collaborate with Marginalia Manuscripts, a literary consultantcy in London, to share my thoughts on the triumphs and pitfalls of the literary life.

Click here or the photo below to visit my post on their site!

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Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt Stop #16


Welcome to the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt! If you’ve just discovered the hunt, be sure to start at Stop #1, and collect the clues through all the stops, in order, so you can enter to win one of our top 5 grand prizes!

  • The hunt BEGINS on 10/21 at noon MST with Stop #1 at
  • Hunt through our loop using Chrome or Firefox as your browser (not Explorer).
  • There is NO RUSH to complete the hunt—you have all weekend (until Sunday, 10/24 at midnight MST)! So take your time, reading the unique posts along the way; our hope is that you discover new authors/new books and learn new things about them.
  • Submit your entry for the grand prizes by collecting the CLUE on each author’s scavenger hunt post and submitting your answer in the Rafflecopter form at the final stop, back on Lisa’s site. Many authors are offering additional prizes along the way!


I’m Carla Laureano, and I’m the author of contemporary romance, women’s fiction, and fantasy fiction! As you might guess, I have a lot of different interests, among them being travel, the outdoors, and architecture—which was why I had a great time writing my newest romantic contemporary novel, Provenance! In it, I got to explore arts and crafts architecture and interior design, as well as depict a fictional version of one of my favorite small Colorado towns.

It also gave me the chance to do something I’ve never before attempted in a contemporary novel: incorporated not one, but two mysteries into the storyline, one historical and one more recent.

Los Angeles interior designer Kendall Green has pushed her memories of her childhood into the past—abandoned at the age of five, she never truly knew her mother or why she was left behind. She just knows that no good came from dwelling on her painful history. But when she receives a letter saying she’s inherited property in the mountains of Colorado from a grandmother she never knew, she figures no good can come of digging into her past. The best and easiest option is to sell the property and fly home as quickly as possible.

But when she arrives in the small town of Jasper Lake, she realizes that plan might not be quite so easy. The town is filled with people who knew her family—and this might be her only chance to find out the truth of her past. Plus, the property she inherited isn’t just a simple house—it’s five historic houses, all built in a distinctive style by an obscure architect… and they’re in danger of being demolished to build a summer resort.

It was fun to write the slow uncovering of the truth about both Kendall’s past and the mysterious architect with a link to her family, but it was also an opportunity to explore how both the recent and distant past shapes us into the people we are today. As Kendall is welcomed into the small town that should have been her home, she realizes that no matter how much she has pretended the past doesn’t matter, it has permeated every part of her life: her choices, her relationships, her faith. The truth is slowly revealed, bringing with it awareness of her own hurts and the need for forgiveness and reconciliation in her life.

Of course, our own pasts don’t have to involve such dramatic or mysterious events to affect us. But as Kendall learns, it’s only by truly coming to terms with everything that happened before that we can truly move forward into a fulfilling future.


Learn more about the book here, or find out more details about me by following me on Facebook, Instagram, or BookBub!


Here’s the Stop #16 Basics:


But wait! Before you go, I’m giving away three books to three lucky participants*—your choice of any my romantic fiction! All you have to do is sign up to get my newsletter. You can get additional entries by following me on Facebook, Instagram, or BookBub.

*Winners with US shipping addresses will receive a paperback; international winners will receive an ebook.

Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt Giveaway – Fall 2021

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