The Real Life Inspiration for Haven Ridge

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When I set out to write a new book series, I knew I wanted to explore a different part of Colorado than most people think of when they hear the state’s name–less mountain vistas and evergreens, more rugged desert and old-fashioned buildings. The perfect inspiration came in the form of Salida (sah-LIE-da), a high plains/foothill town at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. If you look at photos and think it looks more like New Mexico than Colorado, you’d be right… the neighboring state is just on the other side of these beautiful mountains, named because of the bloody red color they turn at sunset.

But Salida itself is a booming town which has seen both a massive increase in tourism and in residency in the past few years, so there was no way that I could actually set a book series there and pretend that it was in trouble. Enter Haven Ridge, which is rather vaguely set between Salida and the neighboring bedroom community of Buena Vista (pronounced BYOO-nah VIS-ta–yes this is it’s official pronunciation, apologies to my Spanish speakers out there!). Even so, I took my main inspiration from the buildings and settings of Salida as I was building my fictional town.

It seemed like a perfect time to share some of my favorite photos from a research trip I took to Salida in 2020… Enjoy this glimpse into what the town of Haven Ridge might look like in real life! (Click to enlarge.)

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Cover and Title Reveal

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SURPRISE! It’s a hit-and-run title and cover reveal for the next book in the Haven Ridge series!

May I present to you, The Beacon Street Bookshop, coming in September 2023?

JUST LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY! Hillary Manton Lodge has designed all the covers in this series, and she outdoes herself with every single book. I could not choose a favorite if you forced me… though I’m kind of living for all these pretty blues and purples that fit the mood of the book so so well.

But why, you ask, am I interrupting The Broken Hearts Bakery release festivities for a cover reveal? I knew you superfast readers were going to tear through Bakery and immediately ask what’s next… so I went ahead and put Bookshop on preorder so you wouldn’t miss a thing. 🤭

So there we have it. The Beacon Street Bookshop, book 3 in the Haven Ridge series, coming soon to a shelf near you! Preorder now at your favorite retailer or reserve your autographed copy for (hopefully) early delivery!

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Release Week Giveaway

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It’s release week for my new book, The Broken Hearts Bakery! That means a fun release week giveaway–what I’m calling a “Colorado Starter Kit”–a beautiful box filled with everything you need to take an imaginary trip to Colorado on your back porch with some new books!

Here’s how to win:
1) Find the giveaway post at Instagram and/or Facebook
2) Tag up to 5 people in separate comments (each comment counts as an entry)
3) Come back to this post and comment DONE!

Your last day to enter is April 21st at 11:59 pm MST, with the winner being drawn and notified by social media message on April 22nd. Good luck!

*Due to shipping requirements, this giveaway is open only to entrants with a US mailing address.

The Broken Hearts Bakery is Now Available!

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It’s a special day today…The Broken Hearts Bakery is now available to the world! This is especially fun for me because it’s my first independently published full-length release and also the first full book in my new Haven Ridge series!

All this week, I’ll be posting fun behind the scenes tidbits, chances to win your very own copy plus some great prizes, and I also will be doing a cover reveal for the next book in the series! So keep your eyes open here and on social media for all the festivities.

And in the meantime, here’s a little peek at what the book’s about…


Sometimes the town that broke your heart is the only place that can heal you.

When Gemma left her hometown of Haven Ridge, Colorado, she swore she’d never return. And she’s kept that promise, leaving old shadows behind and building her reputation as one of LA’s preeminent family law attorneys. But when her lifelong best friend begs Gemma to come stay with he teen stepdaughter while she’s on a business trip, she doesn’t have the heart to refuse. She’ll simply keep a low profile, do her honorary aunt duties for Taylor, and be gone before anyone notices.

But Haven Ridge seems to have a mind of its own, and before she knows it, Gemma finds herself caught up with new friends and old rivalries. When Taylor is targeted by teen bullies, Gemma does the only thing she knows how to do: ply her honorary niece with baked goods and words of affirmation. Soon her temporary lodgings are ground zero for teenage girls seeking sugar and consolation for shockingly adult problems—which the girls soon dub the Broken Hearts Bakery.

Complicating matters is an unexpected reunion with Gemma’s high school sweetheart, Stephen, who is determined to change her mind about him, the town, and the nature of love itself. Because as it turns out, her niece isn’t the only one nursing a broken heart.

This story incorporates some of my favorite book details: a second-chance romance, strong female friendships, quirky townsfolk, and wry humor. I hope you love reading Gemma and Stephen’s story as much as I loved writing it!

You can buy your copy today by checking out this list of retailers or there are a limited number of signed copies available at my shop. (Or, ask your local library to order a copy!)

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