London Tides

The Truth About London Tides

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The other day, I read a not-so-great review on London Tides. Contrary to where you think this might be going, bad reviews don’t actually bother me. I always expect that certain readers are going to connect better with some books than another, and I always knew that this one would be...
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London Tides: The Recipes

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Even if a book isn’t thematically-related to food, I love to cook, so all my characters end up making delectable dishes over the course of a story. Today, I’m going to share two of my personal recipes. The first  is the chicken curry that Grace makes Asha and Ian. This...
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London Tides: Why Ian MacDonald Had To Be a Rower


When I decided to make the character of Ian MacDonald a rower way back in 2012 when I wrote Five Days in Skye, it was less a conscious decision of backstory and more a logical element for a character who had the perfect English prep school upbringing. If you’re from a prominent...
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Behind the Scenes of London Tides


My husband and I went to London for our twentieth anniversary last year, but of course I managed to fit in a little research for my books while I was there. I was mostly focused on the upcoming release of Starstruck, which also took place in my favorite city, but our...
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