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My husband and I went to London for our twentieth anniversary last year, but of course I managed to fit in a little research for my books while I was there. I was mostly focused on the upcoming release of Starstruck, which also took place in my favorite city, but our AirBNBs location in Hammersmith, right on the Thames proved to be a perfect jumping off point for some of the locations in the story.

So to begin, let’s take a quick look at where we were staying. It was a seventeenth-century fisherman’s cottage right on the Lower Mall next to a pub, overlooking a section of the Thames River just west of the Hammersmith Bridge.

Gorgeous, right? There’s an advantage to being married to a professional photographer… really great vacation photos. I zoomed in on our house in the second photo so you can see it up close. The window on the lower floor was the dining room; the floor above it was the lounge/living room; the attic dormer was the bedroom. It was really rough to have to spend a few days in a house with four-hundred-year-old wood floors, but I digress…

From here, it was the perfect place to explore the section between Hammersmith and Putney, which is part of the regular rowing course for the crews that row the Thames at all times of day.

One of the things I enjoyed about writing London Tides was the opportunity to show so many parts of the city I love. While none of these photos are exactly where scenes were set, these give a good feel of the general areas that Ian and Grace frequented, as well as places that were mentioned in dialogue.

Westminster plays a big part in the story: it’s where Ian works at Jaime’s company and where Grace likes to sit and think, across from the Houses of Parliament.

Sadly, I lost most of my videos off my phone… but special thanks to my fabulous photographer husband, Reynaldo Laureano, for his amazing shots! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of London! (And don’t forget to follow @rlaureanojr on Instagram for some awesome street and travel photography!)

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