May Reading Challenge


Hello, friends! It’s time for my May reading challenge! Actually, it’s a week past time, but somehow I didn’t get this post up on the day I should have and it slipped my mind. I blame it on the fact I actually uttered the words “After I’m finished with…things will get calmer.” You know that’s just asking for trouble.

In any case, this month’s reading challenge is a fun one, especially for you classics readers out there: Read a book written before 1969. I’ve got a number of books on my shelf that meet this criteria, but I’ve yet to decide on one. I’m reading very slowly right now, so I might need to make this one short… any suggestions?

Tell me what you plan to read in the comments…and if you’ve got one that you think I can’t miss, let me know!

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  1. Velma Hunsucker says:

    I recently finished reading Finding Dorothy by Elizabeth Letts, so I plan to reread The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and maybe a couple of the other books by L. Frank Baum.

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