Happy Book Birthday to Oath of the Brotherhood… Again!

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Before I spent a number of years in publishing, I thought the process for getting a book into the hands of readers was straightforward. You wrote the book, signed a contract, the publisher puts it out in one format…and it stays in print forever.

Now, I realize that was perhaps a little naïve. Eight years into my publishing journey, I’ve had multiple books go out of print, move to new publishers, get new covers and new formats and new printings, and find a second life years later.

I’m particularly pleased this was the case when it came to my Celtic fantasy series, The Song of Seare, which was first published in 2014 and 2015. Fantasy has long been my first love when it comes to fiction, and while the genre and I have had our ups and downs (I had to take several years off from reading it because I had just overdosed on it and I stopped writing it completely, a situation I’m in the process of remedying), this series is really one of those stories of my heart. It has everything I love in a book—romance, adventure, hope, tragedy, magic, swordplay, fears, and triumphs. In fact, I think the only thing I didn’t write into this book were shrieking eels, and I probably would have done that too if I thought I could get away with the blatant stealing. (Those of you who read a lot of fantasy will most likely pick up on the not-so-blatant stealing… let’s consider it an homage to the fantasy greats before me. After all, where would any of us fantasy authors be without J. R. R. Tolkein?)

In the next week, I’m excited to open up some of the background of the first volume, Oath of the Brotherhood, both the writing of it and the real-life history that inspired it. Join me each day for a new feature about the world of the Seare and the people within it… and don’t forget to grab your copy if you haven’t already!

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