5 Blogs Every Author Must Follow

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dot-comI’ll admit, I can bit irregular about keeping up with the dozens of blogs in my reader. Posts seem to multiply like rabbits every time I close my browser, and if I’m not careful, the morning I’d planned on spending writing is blown browsing the latest goofy videos on Mashable or Cracked. So when I have limited time, I focus only on the blogs that provide the most relevant information.

I’ve picked out the five blogs that I find absolutely indispensable.

Copyblogger – Copyblogger is one of the best known sites geared towards content marketing. Topics include everything from writing better posts to increasing WordPress security to using social media effectively.

Problogger – Like Copyblogger, Problogger focuses on topics directly and tangentially related to, you guessed it… blogging. To my eye, the articles are a bit more in depth than Copyblogger, with lots of talk about brand building and marketing strategy, but they also frequently do summary posts that can point you to lists of excellent blogging resources.

Lorelle on WordPress – Once you’ve got the why, it helps to know the how. Lorelle’s blog is one of the premier reference sources for those of us running our sites on WordPress. Her Blog Exercise posts are especially helpful, giving step-by-step instructions for doing things like adding headers to posts or determining if your site looks “spammy.”

Smashing WordPress – Think you’ve got a handle on WordPress basics? Now it’s time to have some fun. The Smashing WordPress blog delves deeper into customizations, hacks, and theme development. If you’ve got basic computer knowledge, familiarity with WordPress, and the patience to wade through lots of how-to-posts, this site can help you get a custom designed look for your blog with no more investment than your own time.

Author Media – Author Media covers much of the same ground as Copyblogger and Problogger, but it’s directed specifically towards authors. Beware, though–with posts like “Twitter Hashtags Every Writer Should Know” and “50 Things to Blog About When You Have Writer’s Block,” you can end up spending far more time here than you ever intended. Still, it’s the blog I follow most closely because I find it the most relevant for where I am in my social media marketing plans.

Now it’s your turn. What blogs are among your must-reads?

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  1. Juliet Kennedy says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these blogs, Carla! I subscribe to Rachelle Gardner’s blog (www.rachellegardner.com). Rachelle provides great information about writing and the publishing world. Definitely a must-follow blog for writers.

    • Carla says:

      I agree! Rachelle’s blog is definitely a favorite of mine, as well as Chip MacGregor’s, Steve Laube’s, and the Wordserve Water Cooler. A lot of combined industry knowledge there.

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