October Reading Challenge


We’re in the home stretch! Only three more months left in 2019, and arguably the busiest quarter of the year. Have you been playing (reading) along? I’ve had varying success at sticking to my own challenge, but autumn is the season in which I both want to spend more time reading and I have to spend more time reading simply for my sanity. Plus, I schedule my workload to be light from Thanksgiving through New Year’s (the big benefit of being self-employed) so it makes for a bit more cozy reading time.

Without further ado, this month’s challenge is a pleasant one: Read a bestseller that you’ve either avoided or missed. If you got carried along by the flood of new releases and couldn’t quite get to the “it” books that everyone was talking about earlier in the year, you now have full permission to backtrack and pick up a copy. Or if you’re like me and try to get most of your books from the library, maybe that hold is just now coming in six months later now that the excitement has died down.

Either way, tell me in the comments below what you’d love to read for your October bestseller backtrack. And remember, it doesn’t have to be from 2019. You can take it all the way back to Dickens if you’re so inclined!


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