July Reading Challenge


Happy July! This is the month that I associate with ice cream cones, fireworks, and long days sitting by the pool or on the back patio with a book. It’s also the month where I abandon most of my “serious” reading in favor of things that make me smile. So it seems appropriate that this month’s challenge is to read a book you chose solely for the cover. (After all, isn’t that part of what makes vacation reads delicious?)

Tomorrow, my family and I are flying to the Philippines (don’t worry, we have someone to look after our home and cat while we’re gone), and I have my Kindle loaded up with reads to entertain me on the sixteen hours in the air. My “judge a book by the cover” pick is Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton. I’ve heard it’s a good book, but it’s the gorgeous, colorful cover that keeps catching my eye. I’m hoping what’s between the covers is as engrossing!

What books on your list fit this challenge? Is there anything that has caught your eye that you’ve been looking forward to reading?

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