Discovered by Love is now available in print!

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You asked for it… so I’m pleased to announce that the Discovered by Love novella series is now available in print, with all four books combined into a single beautiful omnibus edition! Each story is about 100 pages, the perfect length for an afternoon read in front of the fire (or, if you’re in a warmer climate than me, out on the back patio with a cool drink)!


When a groom is left at the altar on a private island, he convinces the resort’s chef to act as his tour guide to the sun-drenched paradise of Belize. But it isn’t long before their purely platonic arrangement begins to stray into personal waters.


A fantasy novelist is reunited at London fan convention with her estranged actor boyfriend when he’s subbed in as the romantic hero for her TV adaptation. As he scrambles to get her approval for the role of his lifetime, she’s forced to consider there might be more to her ex than just his Hollywood persona.


Two rival architects get snowed in at the site of the dream renovation in Vail, Colorado and must work through their differences to make it to make it through the weekend. Because as the temperature drops and their competition heats up, the only way out is together … with or without their hearts intact.


When a tech entrepreneur and a real estate agent end up double-booked in their Islamorada, Florida, vacation rental, they decide to turn the inconvenience into a solution to their plus-one problems. But neither anticipates the possibility that a fake relationship might just give way to real feelings …

To get your own copy, visit the book page for retail buying links and the opportunity to order an autographed copy for your home library!


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