August Reading Challenge


August… oh, August, what do I have to say about you? You are the month of last-ditch summer plans, back-to-school shopping, and… very little reading time! That’s why I made this month’s challenge as easy as possible. The next time you hear a book title and think “that sounds interesting!” grab it and read it. Challenge completed.

Do you have any in your TBR stack that fit this prompt? I’ve got a couple that might fit the bill, including Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and The Flatshare. The only question is if they’ll come into the library in time or if I’ll need to buy them (not a bad thing, certainly, but I read enough books that I try to keep my expenditures down… I have a teenage and preteen boy to feed after all!) Tell me in comments which books sound like winners for August!



  1. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds says:

    I have The Perfect Silhouette by Judith Miller on my TBR pile that fits this description.

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