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Some years you don’t need any prompting to dive into a good book; but other times, you could use a little inspiration. Join me on this twelve month reading challenge below: read whatever other books you like, just read one book that fits the month’s category challenge and hashtag it #carlasreadingchallenge2019 on social media so we can all follow along!


JANUARY – Read a children’s book.

FEBRUARY – Read a book that you already own.

MARCH – Read a book set in a historical time period.

APRIL – Read a book written by someone of a different faith.

MAY – Read a book written before 1969.

JUNE – Read a book released this year.

JULY – Read a book you chose solely for the cover.

AUGUST – Read a book you chose solely for the title.

SEPTEMBER – Read a book with an illustrated cover.

OCTOBER – Read a bestseller that you’ve avoided or missed.

NOVEMBER – Read a book set in a country other than your own.

DECEMBER – Read a book that takes place during a holiday.


Do you have any books in mind? Share your next read in the comments below!



  1. Susan Snodgrass says:

    My most favorite children’s book is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. And also The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I still have some of my books from my own childhood, so I can definitely do January. I can do them all, actually. October might be a bit of a problem. But in the words of Abraham Lincoln, ‘I shall endeavor to persevere.’

  2. Carol R. Gehringer says:

    Should be do-able. Just set my Goodreads Challenge 2019! This will be fun . . .

  3. Abbie Peterson says:

    I download or put in my wish list books I remember from my childhood, so I think I’ll pick up “Heidi”. Also, I’m always looking for new books and new authors written for a male tween, (I don’t give a book to a youth that I haven’t read). So the book I’m going to read is “Curse of the Black Avenger” by, Eddie Jones, this may not be what I’m looking for and I’ve downloaded it . I’ll let you know

  4. Jamie says:

    I’d like to join this.

  5. Joyce Lee says:

    Delicious! By Ruth Reichl was a joy. It had a chef or two, a butcher, a love story, a surprise, and best if all, some history! Loved it! Not sure if it’s considered historical novel or not, but read it in March…thanks for interesting challenges. I have way too many books I want to read. 😀

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