#2MinWritingTip – Pursue Inspiration

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I have a confession to make. I almost forgot about this post. However, I have a good excuse: I was very intentionally not working this weekend.

I’ve spent the last three months at a flat-out run, between deadlines, conferences, and self-publishing a book for the first time. Ironically, all this coincides with the beginning of an online Bible study centered around finding time for Sabbath. When I blew past Monday straight to Thursday without even cracking the book, I realized the ridiculousness of being too busy to start a study on not being too busy to rest. And so I made a snap decision, finished up my work for the week, and began an impromptu vacation through the weekend after Thanksgiving.

And you know what? It’s been glorious. I’ve read four books. Four. Caught up on my favorite TV show that inspires me with its wonderful writing. Laughed with my sons while compiling our ultimate music playlist for the car. Played my guitar almost every day. And suddenly the story ideas that were stubbornly hanging in the periphery have burst into the forefront.

I’ve always known it, but I needed the reminder that as writers, we need time to recharge our energy. To court inspiration. To refill the creative well. And far from putting me behind schedule, the time off is paying dividends in renewed creativity and enthusiasm.

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