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Extended until July 31, 2014!

It’s that time again! I get a little giddy when I have a book releasing, and when I get giddy, I like to give stuff away. So here it is, a chance to win some really cool stuff!



  • Handcrafted, genuine leather Moleskine notebook cover from Oberon Designs (of course, with the legendary Moleskine notebook inside!)
  • Matching ribbon and silver Celtic knot bookmark
  • Rustic mug for your favorite choice of beverage
  • Autographed copy of Oath of the Brotherhood*


  • $20 Starbucks gift card
  • Autographed copy of Oath of the Brotherhood*


  • Autographed copy of Oath of the Brotherhood*

* If you’ve already purchased your copy, don’t worry… I haven’t forgotten about you! You can choose to trade your copy of Oath for a certificate for an advanced copy of Book 2 in the Song of Seare series!

Don’t forget to check back now through June 30th for multiple chances to enter each week. In fact, it might be a good idea to sign up to receive my posts in your inbox, just so you don’t miss anything… *hint hint*

¬†Answer today’s question in the comments below for your chance to win:

What fantastic stuff would you write in your Moleskine?

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  1. I would write notes for the series I’m writing currently. I love having various journals to carry around with me all the time.

    By the way, big congratulations on this release, Carla!

  2. I don’t think I should enter since I won a previous giveaway. But congratulations, it’s exciting!

  3. I would jot randomness in it for story use…things I overhear, character names, settings…Love journals!!

  4. I would use it for a prayer journal.

  5. I would jot down thoughts for my blog about mast cell activation disorder.

  6. I would record the adorable things my grandson and granddaughter say.

  7. I would use mine for my journal and prayers. I have been doing this since 1983.

  8. Hmm…I’d probably use the Moleskine as a reading journal. :)

  9. I would either begin a new prayer journal, or (most likely) a ‘memoir’ of my life “from wedded bliss-babies-& losing it to recover”, well working title at least ;)

  10. I would write down sentences or paragraphs that catch my attention and or speak to me.

  11. I would use it for plotting my novels!

  12. To keep my eyes focused on Jesus, I would write down the blessings of each day. A journal of thanksgiving.

  13. I’d plot ways to kill people and to introduce mass chaos. Fiction, of course. ;)

  14. Journal or list of books I wanna read.

  15. If I won this journal I’d have a hayday filling it. My husband and I recently came across an old bin full of old books my grandfather and father-in-law owned. Both two deceased so they are quit precious to us. The books upon inspection are very old and some were written by some of our favorite father’s in the Faith like D.L.Moody and Talmage. There is also a Bible with the publication date of 1648. I have been reading through them and writing down some amazing nuggets. I’m going to need more journals!! ;)

  16. I think a prayer journal. Or just reflecting on my life. It looks wonderful! I would love it.

  17. Writing out scripture. It helps me memorize better :)

  18. I would write down what I remember about each day with my kids. I love to write down memories so I will never forget them!!

    I also LOVE Starbucks, so that would be cool to win, too! :)

    Congrats on your release!

  19. I would record my garden plans and progress.

  20. Loved the read… so excited for the new series….I collect journals and live Celtic art.

  21. Loved the read… so excited for the new series….I collect journals and live Celtic art.

  22. I would write down story ideas in the notebook!

  23. I am a songwriter and would fill the pages with lyrics, score ideas and chord progressions.

  24. I’d use it to plot my next book. It’s the perfect design for my new protagonist; his own journal probably looks very similar to this one.

  25. I would use it to write down my poetry.

  26. I would use it as a journal.

  27. I would use it to journal about anything and everything! :)

  28. Loved the book, so I’d choose book 2 if I win! Thanks for the offer.

  29. Beautiful! I would have a hard time writing in it. It would be precious to me and I’d have writer’s block. Ha! But I’d think of something special…like poetry or a dream journal or book ideas…
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. I would use it as a travel log.

  31. I would do my morning pages in it. I LOVE Moleskine journals.

  32. It’s so pretty I may have a hard time giving myself permission to write in it. Lol. But…I do have fountain pens that I’ve had since high school/jr. high. Time to resurrect using them. I think, since it’s so pretty, that I would use it to finally start keeping a collection of all the various quotes, Scriptures I acquire that I love. instead of on random notebooks/papers etc putting them all in one place. Like Jan Karon did for Father Tim’s quotes.
    such an awesome giveaway. thanks for offering it.

  33. I have a journal that I have kept for my son. I started with “The Story of Us” which is how I met his father (my husband). I continue to chronicle important dates, milestones, blessings, words of encouragement and love. When he is older I want him to know how much he has always meant to me.
    This journal is so beautiful that I would like to use it to start a mother-daughter journal for our little girl.

  34. A journal like that deserves only the best adventures! Rich and heroic life tales to guide those who desire to strengthen themselves and better the world!

  35. This moleskin journal who be perfect to write down all the thought for my mew book!

  36. I’d give the journal to my husband- it looks perfect for him!

  37. Gonna be real honest here. I don’t journal, so I would bless someone I know who does with this beautiful journal you are offering. I do read however, so would love to win your book. And coffee…definitely coffee!

  38. I would probably keep a journal, or jot down story ideas. Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. Honestly I would give the notebook to my daughter… she is turning 6 and loves to write and draw stories… I am forever getting her journals… She would be over the moon for one this special ::)

  40. I write down favorite quotes and memorable passages from the books I read in my journals. I love notebooks and journals; I have one for P.G. Wodehouse and one for fiction authors so far.

  41. I use journals for many things, like favorite quotes and lists of favorite authors.

  42. fantastic stuff I’d write…?
    God talks. visioning. gratitude.
    thanks for sharing the celebration !

  43. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I’m super excited to read Oath of the Brotherhood! I would probably use it as my journal for college, since I’m starting this fall. How can I bear to forget what happens in my life? But if I don’t use it for that, I will write bits and pieces of stories in it–those things that hit me at certain moments that I must instantly write.

  44. I would use the journal to write my autobiography and use it as a daily journal.

  45. I would fill it with my random ponderings, and wibbly wobbly organizational schemes that I always seem to fill them with.

  46. I recently learned how to do Zentangles, so I would sketch those in my new notebook.

  47. I would use it to write lyrics..

  48. I would inscribe it to my sweet daughter Heather with the instructions to keep on writing so that the world (and me) can know all the wonderful characters that the Lord has placed in her mind :)

  49. Journal

  50. Ideas and to do lists. I like to make notes of all kinds of things I want to remember.

  51. To do lists, probably grocery lists as well. Also probably notes from church on Sundays. :)

  52. I would use it for personal journal

  53. I would use it to take note for my labwork

  54. I’m not sure what I’d write…it’s so hard to choose! Poems, psalms, music, favorite lyrics, a journal, or book plotting! Hmm…now that I think about it, I’d probably lean more towards book plotting or music.
    Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  55. I would use it to start writing a daily journal again.

  56. I would probably write about what would happen if it was the end of the world. I love dystopian novels and I’m on a major kick right now.

  57. I would use the notebook to jot down rough drafts of blog posts, prayers & thoughts. Grateful for the opportunity. Thank you!

  58. I would write ideas for inventions.

  59. use it for ideas

  60. I would use it as a journal.

  61. I’d make the notebook a journal, concert reviews …

  62. I usually have a notebook of some sort with me for working on short stories or jotting down ideas for my novel.

  63. I would write down recipes and poems.

  64. Most of what I would be writing also falls into the categories of horror, suspense, and science fiction

  65. i would use it as a notebook for inventions im thinking of

  66. I’d keep character notes for my novel!

  67. Clever one-liners

  68. i would give to my niece for a journal

  69. I would write about my secret dreams and wishes that are dear to my heart.

  70. Wow. I cannot wait to pick this book up. If you honored me with your book I would of course read it. and the journal I would use it to write down my dreams. I have many odd dreams. I enjoy writing them down, and sharing with friends.

  71. I would write down my inner thoughts and reflections.

  72. I’d use it for poetry

  73. I would write about family events,thoughts and dreams

  74. I would write about my kids funny antics

  75. i’d write all the things i cannot say

  76. I think I would write a memoir about my life and how things have changed since I was younger.

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