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#2MinWritingTip – Prioritize Story

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  Recently, I started reading a book that my friends had raved about–not one that I’ve written about here, by the way. The writing was beautiful. Clear. Clean. Even lyrical. And I couldn’t get past chapter eight. Maybe the story would have picked up. Maybe had I kept with it,...
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Fictional Friday: Does Fiction Matter?


Does fiction matter? It’s been a question that’s made its rounds of the web lately, on Facebook walls, on agents’ and editors’ blog posts. And for good reason. The business of Christian publishing has been shaken up in the last several years. Just recently, two more announcements—the closing of B&H’s...
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Blog Flashback: Staying the Course

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This post originally appeared on my site on 1/25/13. With contest results coming out this month, it felt like a good time to revisit the post I wrote after my last contest loss. It’s interesting to note that the novel I’m talking about below is releasing next week! Clearly, as writers,...
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