The Sword and the Song

January 2022
Publisher: Enclave Publishing

Book 3

The shadow of war. A clash of brothers. A terrible sacrifice. In the face of powerful darkness, who will prevail?

The island of Seare is at war. The Red Druid is gathering strength and power to stand against Conor, Eoghan, and the brotherhood. But there is strife within the brotherhood as well. Eoghan still refuses to claim his rightful rule, and the resulting conflict creates an uncomfortable distance between him and Conor. When Conor leaves to find the key to defeating the Red Druid, Eoghan and Aine worry he will succumb to the danger. They set out on their own mission to defeat the Red Druid through Aine’s magical gifts.

But nothing—and no one—is as it seems.

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Exceptionally well written and a thoroughly absorbing read from beginning to end, "The Sword and the Song" reveals author C. E. Laureano as a master of the action/adventure fantasy genre. Midwest Book Review

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