The Larkspur House


Book #3 in the Haven Ridge Series

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Rose Cameron holds the record for bad decisions. Not only did she drop out of grad school to get married, but her husband wasn’t who he pretended to be—and his shady business dealings threatened both her reputation and her freedom. With no job, no friends, and her bank account nearing zero, an online job posting offers a place to escape from her shattered life: caretaker of a historic home in the tiny town of Haven Ridge, Colorado.

But the Larkspur House isn’t the refuge she expected. For one thing, it’s not just a house, but a derelict, honest-to-goodness American castle. For another, the co-inheritor of the house—the brusque, uptight William Parker—makes no secret of his desire to see her gone. He’s more interested in selling the place before it crumbles into the Colorado landscape or bankrupts the trust that maintains it.

Just when Rose is convinced she’s made yet another terrible decision, she stumbles upon hidden secrets within Larkspur House’s storied history—ones that could bridge the gap between her and William, making Haven Ridge her forever home. But try as she might, Rose can’t escape her past… and her own secrets just might destroy the new life she’s begun building.

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