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Meg Adamson has been slaving away as a junior associate at a tiny Denver architecture firm since graduation, contributing to significant projects but not making any headway up the corporate ladder. So when she gets the chance to make a last minute bid to renovate an eccentric heiress’s mansion in Vail, Colorado, she’ll do almost anything to get the job—even risk driving into the high country before an impending snowstorm. If she’s quick and careful, she can get the information she needs and be back in Denver before the first flakes fall.

That is, until she’s confronted by long-time rival—and college crush—Declan McKenzie, who has also been invited to bid on the project. Declan has been one step ahead their entire acquaintance, nabbing the top spot in their graduating class and a coveted job at a world-class architecture firm, barely edging her out every time. Meg has spent her entire career in his shadow, and she’s determined that he’s not going to get the best of her this time.

But when their bickering conceals the early arrival of the massive snowstorm and they find themselves stranded with no heat or power, they’ll have to put aside their differences to make it through the weekend. Because as the temperature drops and their competition heats up, the only way out is together… with or without their hearts intact.