Words for Women

Words for Women: Success

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I’ve been thinking about the topic of success this week with the release of my debut novel, Five Days in Skye. It’s been a wild ride, too. The book came out of the gate far stronger than I expected, and as a result, opportunities have started falling in my lap....
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Words for Women: Idols


One of my Facebook friends posted a link to an article entitled “The Yoga Deception” from Spirit Life Magazine. It was a fascinating article about the danger of Christians becoming unintentionally entrenched in Hindu practices without realizing it, the conclusions of which I don’t necessarily completely agree. But one particular...
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Words for Women: Perfection

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I was partially amused and mostly irritated to find that every ad being served to my free web-based mail and YouTube the last couple weeks have been weight-loss or beauty related. You see, most of these sites require demographic information about the user, specifically age and gender. Apparently, the internet...
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