Where On The Web is Carla Laureano?

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I may be showing my age with the Carmen Sandiego reference, but I have been somewhat AWOL from my blog lately… for good reason. Book launches tend to be a flurry of interviews and guest blog posts, so I’ve been spending time elsewhere on the web. If you’d like to join some of my gracious web hosts, here are a couple of my recent stops:



Check out the review for Oath of the Brotherhood and a fun interview on the background of the story!




I was thrilled to write this month’s “For Writers” column about fact in fiction– with a peek into how my ancient Seareann society differs from authentic Irish history.

Plus, I received a lovely recommendation and review from USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog, along with my awesome fellow author Travis Thrasher. Read it here.

Want to win a copy of Oath of the Brotherhood?



Goodreads is giving away five copies. Click here to enter the giveaway. (Closes May 31, 2014)


ALSO, stay tuned for a fun giveaway announcement right here on Friday… you’ll have a chance to win lots of great stuff, including books, gift cards, and a grand prize that I’m really tempted to keep for myself… but I’ll be good and leave that to one of you to win!

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  1. lol – I loved Carmen Sandiego!

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